About Us

Heritage Wide Plank Flooring & Millwork has grown from the original flooring shop that was acquired by Riverhead Building Supply in 2009. Originally handling mainly fine flooring orders, Heritage now manages custom orders of all sizes for the ever growing Hamptons estate area. These luxury homes require nothing less than unique woodworking – cabinetry, casework, mouldings and flooring.

Housed in the manufacturing hub of Riverhead Building Supply in Calverton, the Heritage Wide Plank Flooring & Millwork shop runs a variety of high quality woodworking equipment to produce unique millwork in the materials of your choice. While “wood” is in our name, it is not the only medium for our craftsmen. We can procure selected materials for your project, such as specially made water resistant plywoods for marine cabinetry, or contemporary materials to replace historic exterior details.

Your design ideas and material choices are at the heart of every custom project, and at Heritage Wide Plank Flooring & Millwork we love a challenge.